The Pune PhDs List

InnoVidya, in association with PuneTech, is creating a list of everyone in Pune with a PhD degree

There are various different reasons for creating this group.

  1. University of Pune has just announced an initiative for an integrated MTech/PhD program, and I believe we will see some focused effort on getting good PhD candidates for this program. One aspect of this program is that anyone with a PhD can be a guide, even if they are not directly associated with a research institution. We believe that by creating a list of PhDs in Pune we will be able to help UoP in this effort.

    For more information about UoP’s new M.Tech/Ph.D program, see this Sakaal Times article

  2. Having this list of PhDs will help people find local experts in various fields.

  3. My experience is that creating such communities has unexpected benefits, as people find interesting ways in which such a community can be useful.

If you have a PhD and you live in Pune, please join the group (this is a group on LinkedIn. If you know someone else who should join, please let them know, or let us know


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