We are a group of educators and industry professionals who want to reach out to students, teachers, trainers and working professionals and catalyze significant improvements in their learning ecosystems.

We are currently based in Pune, but we expect that this initiative will expand all over India.

  • Raja BELLARE: B Sc. Tech; UDCT, Bombay University, India
  • Navin KABRA: B Tech, IIT-B, PhD, University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Sohan MODAK: DSc, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Post Doc at US Atomic Energy Commission, USA
  • Amit PARANJAPE: B Tech, IIT-B; MS, University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Shrikant PATIL: BE, UoP; MS, University of Colorado, USA
  • Narayan PISHAROTY: B Tech + M Tech, IIT, PhD, Carnegie Mellon, USA
  • Virender SHEORAIN: PhD, Chandigarh; R&D, Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Shridhar SHUKLA: B Tech, IIT, MS, Virginia Tech, USA,PhD, North Carolina State University, USA

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great Initiative!

    Just wanted to share our journey into finding good education system for our son.

    I always used to get really bored with routines of a classroom unless teacher is awesome. Thats the case with everyone. I knew deep inside that something is wrong with completing assignments for assignment sake. Getting marks for marks sake without real knowledge. There is lot of hurry to get somewhere; and when you ask where you dont get a worthy answer.

    So when I had a son; I vowed that I will give him awesome education which is NOT boring! Even if that means teaching him at home and having no degree . We wanted to find good sources of education. So my wife and me started enquiry into what are good education systems and who are great people. We came across Sir Ken Robinson’s talks, read most of his books. Then stumbled upon ‘Divaswapna’ of Gujubhai Badhelka of our very own India; describing his experiments with kids. We loved it. Gave free copies to close friends on our son’s first birthday. Then came Maria Montessori and my wife just got hooked onto her books ordering one every other day (flipkart makes it lot easy . We we both liked a lot is Abosorbant Mind; its awesome. So we wanted to send our kid to a Montessori school. Then came a SHOCK. There were NO official montessori schools. Some were just starting up; some had closed their operations due to lack of response. WOW we are in Pune? THE Oxford of East? This is the state of affairs in our city where Mr. Phule started India’s first girl’s school? Where legends like Karve, Agarkar, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Ramabai Ranade laid foundations of new education system in India?

    That explains miserable state of affairs of City. Poor planning, poor administration, crazy traffic and worst of all no one gives a damn about it. Isn’t it because our education didn’t taught us to become good citizens. Yes we are good engineers, doctors (Are we the best?) but are we good citizens?

    To fix we need to start with some basic link which is broken and that is educational system. I am really glad that initiatives like this will help speed up that process by acting as catalysts.

    All the best and we would love to help you out in every possible way!

    Btw, our journey still continues. Vendant is 1.7 years old now and if we dont find a good school. We plan to start one; but we hope we dont have to do that as we are seeing some good things happening as well.

    Atul Veer.

  2. Dear Raja,

    We are a technology company offering tablet solutions to K12,Test Prep & Higher Ed in India and abroad. I would like to speak to you on a project and if it excites you and your team then we will see how we can work together.

    Request you to drop an email or call me on +91 8885538380


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