The reasons for the poor quality in India’s primary and high-school education

Makarand Sahasrabudhe points out the various problems that affect the Indian Education System in answer to a question on Quora. He points out that there are problems with access to schools, for example:

Parents are not certain about the safety of the girl child travelling to school even if it is only 1/2 km away from home.
Apparently simple issues like the need to cross a highway / stream on the way to school keeps kids away.

and with attendance, for example:

[Teachers] are feared by the students and why would they not. In my wanderings around India over 15 years I have seldom seen a classroom where the teacher did not have a cane on the table. There were occasions when he did not have chalk but he always had a cane. I am speaking from the experience of having been in 100s of classrooms across 10 States in India.

And attainment. Here he points out:

The Indian education system was designed by the British rulers to create clerks to help the few thousand British administrators run a country of 40 million people. It was not designed to promote thought and encourage a culture of curiosity

Read the full article. It is interesting, and ends with hope…maybe…